We’re all curious about how foot fetishes come about and what they actually entail. We invite you to read this article judgment-free, and you’ll realize how common and normal this fetish is. Don’t believe us? Read on.

What is foot fetishism?

Having a foot fetish means that you find feet trigger your arousal. Not just feet as a whole, but each individual part can turn you on. Yes, even toes and ankles. For some people, this fetish is so strong that they have to have some elements of foot play involved to climax. On the other hand, podophilia (a fancy word for foot fetish) doesn’t need to be so extreme. 

Someone with this fetish could just like how feet look, so they would simply enjoy caressing them. You know, the same way some people love how veiny arms and hands look. The same logic can apply to both. So, let’s not treat this fetish so harshly.

Is it really that common?

This fetish isn’t really talked about. A lot of people have this kink, but many of them are just afraid to admit it because it’s so looked down upon. So, you can safely say that this is one of the most common sexual fetishes. Not only that, but do you know any other body parts that are so heavily fetishized? We surely don’t. 

One survey even shows that half of its participants claim to have podophilia. This information is good to know because it could make people stop treating this fetish as such a taboo. Sure, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. On the other hand, we assure you that at least one person from your family/friend circle is into feet and toes or at least has a shoe fetish. 

So, simply put — yes, podophilia is probably more common than you think.

Why do people like feet?

We have several things on our minds. The first one we’ll talk about is surely the biological aspect. Some people are too ticklish to enjoy any kind of foot massage or adoration in general. That’s because our feet hold a lot of nerve endings, causing us to feel some type of way about them. 

Podophilia is a big part of the BDSM community. How so? Mainly because of both humiliation and domination aspects. Those two things usually go hand in hand, but we’ll separate them this time. Foot fetishists often enjoy being humiliated by their partners by having them step on them, for example. 

On the other hand, people who want to be dominated and have a foot fetish can often end up giving their partners a foot massage. These are only some basic examples, so we can be more sex-positive and take a closer look at how people come to like feet. It all starts with a simple trigger in their heads.

Talking to your partner about it

This part should be fairly simple. However, many people struggle with this. They’ll often just end up hiding it from their partners and be miserable because their needs aren’t met. That’s because people often judge before they hear the whole story. Knowing that, it’s scary coming to your partner with something like this with the thought that they’ll just reject you. 

When the situation is different, talking to your partner is actually a very simple process. The first thing you need to do is test the grounds. Ask them how they feel about podophilia or what their thoughts are. If you get a positive or neutral response, you can proceed to tell them about your feelings and sexual desires. 

Asking your partner if they’ll let you play with your feet is always fine. However, you should always respect their decision. Forcing them into something they don’t want to do is never a good idea. This is how they’ll start seeing your fetish as something negative, and we think you wouldn’t want that.

Things to try

If your partner says yes to playing with their feet, you’re in luck! There are so many things you could try. Take it one step at a time, though. Overwhelm neither yourself nor your partner by going straight for foot worshipping. Start with a simple foot massage, and some caressing and kissing will be more than enough. If your partner enjoys it too, you can talk about doing something more ‘extreme’ next. Essentially, treat feet as any other erogenous zone.

In case you’re not that lucky, and your partner isn’t comfortable with letting your touch their feet, don’t worry. There are still things you can do to explore your foot fetish. One of them is getting yourself a vajankle. They work the same way pocket pussies do. However, they look like a foot with a vagina hole on top of the ankle. If you are not convinced yet, then take a look at this vajankle collection from lovegasm.

This might seem strange or unimaginable to some, but for foot fetishists, it’s a dream come true. You won’t have to keep bringing your needs up to your partner, and you’ll still be able to satisfy them. That’s how you ensure everyone’s happy!


We learn that having a foot fetish is one of the most common fetishes out there. It’s about time we stop thinking that it’s weird because we all have fetishes of our own. Who knows, maybe some of us develop an attraction to feet later in our lives.