Sex toys are made of very sensitive materials and also used in our most sensitive areas. So taking care of your lust toys is very much necessary. Every sex toys have their own characteristics hence cleaning and maintenance procedures are also different. Like for example, anal plugs for games have different ways of cleaning them.

Here we are mainly focusing on the best male masturbators. After each use, wash the product with water. Do not use soap as long as it destroys the material. Rinse with tap-water until it is completely clean. Wipe it with a soft cloth.

The insert in your masturbator is removable and easy to clean. Rinse tap-water through the insert until it is completely clean. Wipe the outer parts of the insert with a soft cloth and let the remaining parts air dry. If you want a disinfectant cleaning, the manufacturer recommends using a detergent containing isopropyl alcohol. We can then recommend the product Catch life Hygiene. When the product is washed, the material becomes tacky. To regain the soft feel of the material, it is recommended to powder it with pillows. Note: Talk pads or baby talk should not be used as recommended by the manufacturer!

After cleaning and drying the masturbator, gently put it back in its case for discreet and protective storage. If the insert is stopped in the case without being completely dry, black dots (mold) may occur. Therefore, if you are not sure that the insert is completely dry after washing, let the lid be screwed off, so that ventilation is available inside the case. In case you get black dots on the insert, a disinfectant detergent containing isopropyl alcohol should be used.

After cleaning your masturbator, place the product in a place where it can ventilate. If it is stopped in a dense package without being completely dry, black dots (mold) may occur.  Keep in mind not to store products in different materials in contact with each other. Different chemical compounds can react with each other and destroy the material!

The masturbator is available in a variety of variants, shapes & models. There are also a lot of different interior textures to choose from. There are vibrators suitable for online profiles and for other purposes.

But what should you have?

The short answer is that it is very individual and there are 58 different textures to choose from, just to make it all the more confusing. You can find a complete masturbator guide online and hope it will be of use to you in your choice.

Models & Options

There are a number of different things to consider when choosing a model. E.g. can you choose between the vaginal, anal or oral penetration, you can choose color and you can choose which porn star you want to have sex with (the big stars have got their abdomen cast), most importantly, you may choose which texture you want your will have.

Popular, Cheap Masturbator

Whether you choose anal, oral or perhaps more traditional vaginal penetration is up to you but it wills both look and feel different depending on what you choose, just like in real life. Most models have 3 different variations, 1 for each body opening. There is also the possibility of using “butt cheeks” to further enhance the realistic feeling. As if this were not enough, there are also GO Torque ICE, Flight Pilot, Flight Instructor & Crystal ICE, all of which have openings that look less realistic and futuristic. Masturbator Girls are all modeled for the famous porn star’s abdomen, here you can choose between Jenna Haze, Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick and a whole host of other superstars.

The size of your Masturbator

Regarding the size of your masturbator, there are two things to consider, the size of the sleeve (inside) and the size of the case. There are 2 different sizes to choose from on the liner, and the smaller ones called “Flight” and then the regular called “Regular”. As if this were not enough, there are also the Masturbator “Six in a Can” models, as they are quite small, however, these are going to be based on the range.

Flight & Blade are even smaller than “Regular”.

“Regular” is about 25cm long, GO is 18cm, Flight is 20cm and Blade is 22cm long. The diameter of the Regular is 10cm in the thick end and about 6cm in the narrower. The travel document has a similar or slightly smaller diameter.

As noted earlier, there are body sleeves (sleeves) in different models and a regular regular sleeve is 23cm deep, the smaller models follow their cases quite precisely and are consequently slightly smaller. The average penis is about 13cm in honored state and that means that all models should work for most men, you are significantly greater than the average, i.e. over 22cm, so maybe you should be a bit careful.

What determines how your masturbator feels when using it, however, is the width and shape of the body opening you chose to use. Choosing the right texture can be confusing as the selection is, at least, giant.

Masturbator textures

With almost 60 different textures to choose from, you will, almost guaranteed, find your own favorite. The question is just how to choose the right texture, in which lies the challenge!

Each sleeve has its own unique design, some are wider than others, usually the width of the sleeve varies and the texture varies at different depths. This means that each sleeve has a unique feel and intensity.

Therefore, it will be extremely difficult to give any general guidance as to what texture you should choose, below, you can see different variations on textures.

Other choices on your Masturbator

The models in the Masturbator Girls series not only have different body openings to choose from, they are also pigmented differently and have the same skin tone as the porn star they are modeled for. Each model in the Masturbator Girls series also has a unique texture created to mimic the model’s private parts in the most realistic way.

Masturbator ICE is a model where both the sleeve and the case are transparent so you can see yourself when using it. This choice is available on the Masturbator GO Torque ICE and Masturbator ICE Crystal models. Most of the laces are hard, but Masturbator Blade is the exception. Blade is softer that you can squeeze yourself and apply the desired pressure by squeezing harder.

If you want vibration as a complement to hand, perhaps Masturbator is an option. Vibro comes with 3 different bullets that fit in a specially designed sleeve. If you like men, there is the series that is modeled after the male models’ anatomy. Masturbator also sells sleeves & cases separately, all standard Masturbator sleeves fit in all standard cases, so you do not need to buy new cases every time and can save you some money.

Which Masturbator is most like sex right then?

This is something very individual and the answer varies, of course, here are some recommendations.  Do you have any favors sometimes porn stars, simply choose this from the Girls collection.

You can also build your own sleeve using Masturbator Build Your Own, you can choose color on case and sleeve as well as any texture you wish, but does not include all the different textures from the Girls series.